Specialised Microsuction Ear Clinic

Gerringong Family Medical Practice is delighted to announce commencement of this new service – microsuction ear cleaning.
Microsuction is a technique used to safely and effectively remove wax build up from the ear canal. It can also be used to gently remove foreign bodies (such as hearing aid parts) and to clean the ear canal when it has an infection (otitis externa or swimmer’s ear).
Ear wax in the ear canal is normal, however when it builds up it can cause hearing loss, painful or itchy ears and a blocked sensation. Ear wax impaction and blockage is best treated by microsuction, as it is safe, does not require water being syringed into the ear and despite being quite a noisy procedure, is painless, quick and highly effective.
At GFMP we use a high powered binocular microscope and gentle suction device. It is the same device used by Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists and is considered superior and safer than water syringing. Our GPs will insert a small suction tube into the ear canal under direct view using the microscope, which gently suctions the wax (or foreign body/infection) out of the ear canal.
If you would like to book in for this service call our friendly receptionists or book an appointment online to see one of our GPs to see if ear microsuction would be an appropriate treatment for your condition.
Ear toilet photo