Chronic Disease Management

The GPs at Gerringong Medical Practice strongly believe that one of the most important roles of a GP is the comprehensive management of complex chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, asthma, COPD, intellectual disabilities and chronic kidney disease. They acknowledge that it often takes a lot of time so they encourage their patients with complex and chronic health concerns to make longer appointments. They not only focus on evidence based medicine, but have a thorough knowledge and relationship with local specialists and allied health professionals to make sure you are connected with the very best health professionals who they will work with to provide excellent multi-disciplinary care. 

Asthma management including education on inhaler techniques and spirometry are performed by the skilled GPs and nurses at GMP.

GP Management Plans are encouraged for all patients with chronic diseases. Not only does this ensure focus on comprehensive medical care and preventative health, but it also entitles eligible patients to subsidised access to allied health visits via Team Care Arrangements.

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