Gerringong Skin Cancer Clinic

This is a major focus of practice given our susceptible population (e.g. fair skin, outdoor recreation and farming). At Gerringong Medical Practice you will find experienced skin cancer doctors who undertake skin checks, biopsies and treatments and have excellent working relationships with dermatological and plastic surgical support if required. Some of them have undertaken additional training and qualifications and can perform advanced surgical techniques e.g. flaps and skin grafts where appropriate.

Whilst most of the GPs at GMP undertake skin checks and some skin cancer treatments, Dr Mark Burgess undertakes most of the advanced management. Dr Burgess and Dr Sloan have additional qualifications in dermoscopy and skin cancer surgery. 

Services Provided

Skin Checks

  • Available every day with your own GP
  • Dr Mark Burgess and Dr Jacqueline Sloan have special interests in dermatology
  • We recommend that a Full Skin Check (head to toe) be conducted, but if requested we can just limit the check to areas you are concerned about
  • During a Full Skin Check we will check all of your skin except underwear areas. If there is a spot you are concerned about under clothing please let us know
  • Our doctors use magnification lamps, dermoscopy and photographic record to assess skin lesions 
  • A 30 minute appointment is required if you are aged 50 years or over
  • If a procedure is required, you will be required to make another appointment on our Procedure Days (currently Tuesday and Fridays)


  • A range of biopsies including punch, curette and excision are undertaken
  • Results are normally known within 1 week 
  • Agreed arrangements for conveying the result will be made with you at the time of the biopsy


  • Your doctor is skilled at the correct use of cryotherapy to treat a range of skin lesions including solar keratoses, seborrhoic keratoses, benign warts, skin tags, superficial basal cell carcinomas and some squamous cell carcinomas

Topical Treatments

  • Your doctor is experienced in the use of non surgical topical creams for the treatment of some skin lesions. These products can on occasions offer considerable advantage over cryotherapy or surgery.

Excisions / Flaps / Grafts

  • A range or surgical techniques based on years of experience and additional training are undertaken.
  • These techniques include side to side closure, a range of skin flaps and skin grafts.
  • They are undertaken on our Procedure Days are Tuesday and Friday


  • As GPs with special interests in skin cancer medicine and surgery we undertake procedures within our capability. Fortunately for our patients a high majority are spared from the need to see a specialist. However, you always have this option if you wish and we will proactively discuss this option especially if a specialist may be able to offer you some advantages in the treatment of your problem.
  • We have excellent personal and working relationships with local dermatologists and plastic / reconstructive surgeons and can link you with hospital clinics if this is required. 

Wound / Ulcer Care

  • We provide care to both post treatment / surgical wounds and traumatic wounds or ulcers. Some of our GPs also service the Public Ulcer Clinic at Port Kembla Hospital.
  • We will make arrangements at the time of your procedure for ongoing wound care and have experienced nurses to assist as well
  • We have a range of dressings provided either free of charge or at cost price. You may also bring your own dressings. 


  • Our GPs are also experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of skin conditions including:
    • rosacea
    • acne
    • eczema and dermatitis
    • psoriasis
    • viral warts (including the use of Cantharadin)
    • sebaceous / epidermoid / pilar cysts
    • ingrown toenails
    • tinea and fungal skin conditions
    • scabies
    • rashes
  • Where you have a condition that has been difficult to treat we are able to undertake biopsies and other sampling techniques to diagnose your problem


Skin checks

  • Standard Consultation will be booked for patients under 50 years of age and a Longer Consultation will be required for all other patients
  • Please let our receptionists know if you would like a skin check as it helps them to book you in appropriately
  • Procedures are not routinely undertaken on the same day as a skin check other than cryotherapy and occasional punch biopsies
  • Please dress lightly, where possible, to improve convenience

Biopsies / Procedures

  • We have Procedure Days on Tuesday and Friday.
  • There will be an out of pocket cost for all procedures, primarily to cover the cost of equipment, consumables and subsequent wound care:
    • a fee of $65 for pensioners, concession card holders and children under 16 years will be charged with the remainder of the procedure cost claimable from Medicare​
    • a fee of $80 will be charged for all other patients with the remainder of the procedure cost claimable from Medicare
  • We will make arrangements for wound care and suture removal with you at the time of treatment / surgery.​ Our nurses will routinely provide this care and have one of our GPs review your wound.
  • We encourage you to contact the practice if you have any concerns at all after your procedure.


  • A fee may be charged in addition to your consultation or procedure fee for cryotherapy.

Wound / Ulcer Care

  • Please let our receptionists know if you would like wound or ulcer care as it helps them to book you in appropriately. Our nurses have extensive training and expertise in this field and you will routinely be booked with them and one of our GPs will review the care
  • Standard Consultation or Longer Consultation will be booked depending upon the advice of our medical staff. 
  • We have a range of dressings provided either free of charge or at cost price. Specialised dressings are unfortunately expensive items but often are worth the investment as they improve wound care, often reduce the duration of your problem and the number of visits you require for treatment / dressing changes. You may also bring your own dressings and the cost of some is covered for Veterans.

Further information