New Skin Cancer Clinic

Delivering comprehensive and continuous skin cancer screening and treatment to people with care and expertise

We are proud to announce the opening of a new skin cancer clinic to service patients in Gerringong and abroad. The clinic is situated within the new Gerringong Medical Practice premises at 16 Greta Street, Gerringong. We aim to provide outstanding screening, identification and management of your skin cancers or other dermatological conditions.

We have experienced skin cancer doctors who undertake skin checks, biopsies, excisions and treatments and have excellent working relationships with dermatological and plastic surgical support if required. Our doctors have undertaken additional training and qualifications and can perform advanced surgical techniques e.g. flaps and skin grafts where appropriate. Several of our doctors have experience working alongside local Dermatologists and teaching doctors as well.

Skin Checks – Are you at risk? Do you have a changing skin lesion?
If you or your family have had skin cancers or you have fair skin, moles, a history of sunburns or extensive sun exposure with work or play, are immunosuppressed or you have used solariums, then its important you get a skin check. We do these every day of the week and perform procedures in our clinic on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Dermatology – A difficult rash? A problematic wart, eczema or acne?
We can also help you with rashes, warts, rosacea, acne, eczema, dermatitis, cysts, ingrown toenails, tinea and fungal skin conditions, psoriasis and scabies. We can take biopsies to help identify difficult to treat skin conditions.

Wound and Ulcer Care – Simple or complex wounds and ulcers?
We provide care to both post treatment / surgical wounds and traumatic wounds or ulcers. Some of our doctors have valuable expertise from their ongoing work with dermatologists, in emergency departments and in public ulcer clinics, and we have experienced nurses to assist as well.

Please telephone (02) 4234 1399