Fees and Payment

We are a private billing practice and do not routinely bulk bill. Our fees are less than the AMA recommended rates.

Our current fees are $92 for a standard consultation ($41.40 Medicare rebate) and $138 for a longer consultation ($80.10 Medicare rebate). If you are on a pension or have a Health Care Card we offer a $12 discount. Standard consultations for children under 16 are completely covered by Medicare (except for Saturday mornings and after-hours). Standard fees apply to telehealth consultations.

There are instances where additional fees or a larger gap may be charged (e.g. skin procedures, dressings, infusions, travel vaccinations, spirometry).


Payment at the time of your consultation is required and can by made by cash, cheque, credit card or EFTPOS. We can send your Medicare claim electronically and, if your banking details are registered with Medicare, you will receive your rebate into your bank account usually within 48 hours or if you have a debit card we can have your rebate paid instantly.